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Accountability for PMs – Setting Boundaries to Help Your PMs and Your Firm Achieve Success
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 1:30-2:30 PM EST

When firms are hesitant to hold their PM’s accountable, it can stir up a number of significant challenges. When everyone is allowed to do things their own way instead of the firm way it often leads to client satisfaction issues and profit reduction. Learning how to put appropriate boundaries in place can provide excellence in reporting, accountability, and a way to share ownership of successful project delivery with all team members.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Accountability can be communicated in a positive way
  • A/E best practices for project budgeting, resourcing, and communication
  • How to set appropriate guidelines for Project Management in your firm
  • How to use tools available to have transparency into project status

About the Presenter:
Val Higgins has assisted with Project and Business Management in the A/E Design Industry for over 25 years. As CFO and Contract Manager for A/E firms Val has led and supported Project Management efforts with specific focus on systems and tools and developing best practices for Project Management. Experience with assisting 100’s of clients in implementing accounting and project management systems has given Val exposure to nuances found within the industry and many of the challenges faces Project Managers. In addition to supporting clients Val has been a PM on 100’s of projects; directing team efforts and managing client expectations.

Val’s passion is training Project Management teams to find the most efficient and effective ways of managing their projects and teams with the tools available to them

AECPMA Podcasts Presents:
Build Relationships Stronger and Faster—Your Technical Side Will Thank You

Everyone knows The Golden Rule (Treat others the way YOU want to be treated!), but what about The Platinum Rule? “The Golden Rule makes perfect sense—until you think about it as a project manager in charge of team or a PM working closely with clients,” says President of Resilient Strategies Richard Steinhart, P.E.

“If you treat someone like you want to be treated then how can you go wrong?” he asks. As it turns out you can go very wrong. “Just because I like to be treated a certain way doesn’t mean that every team member and all clients want the same treatment, value the same standards, or look at the world the same way.”

In this podcast—through real-life stories and practical tips—Steinhart argues: “Is The Golden Rule really so golden?” He suggests we in the design industry can do better—The Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they would like done unto them!” In this podcast you will learn:

  • Four basic behavioral styles and how they relate to personal interaction
  • How to determine what YOUR own behavioral style is
  • How to quickly figure out what behavioral style the people you are communicating with are
  • How to adjust YOUR style to match those you work with everyday

Steinhart will tell you how his strategy works. “It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with your boss, a co-worker, a client, or your spouse,” he says. “When you follow The Platinum Rule as one of your relationship strategies, you will be rewarded—with stronger associations with those you live and work with everyday.”

About the Presenter:
Richard L. Steinhart, P.E., is president of Resilient Strategies, LLC, a management consulting firm focused on helping small businesses succeed and grow. www.resilientstrategies.net

AECPMA Podcast Presents:
The Role of Blockchain and the Impact of the Digital Economy on Architecture and Engineering Firms

One element of the digital economy is blockchain technology (BT)a method of open record-keeping that eliminates intermediaries, steps, and entities. “Think of a huge excel spread sheet shared with lots of people with one major difference, you can’t modify any of the existing rows without altering all the rows preceding it,” explains Nick Martin, CEO of TechChange.

Martin will start with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and move onto how a decentralized, distributed, digital ledger can and will disrupt the A/E/C space. “It is particularly useful in countries and contexts where the actors such as governments, banks, and other entities do not trust each other.” With blockchain you can:

  • Produce deliverables/artifacts faster
  • Allow for greater transparency
  • Lessen fraud and abuse
  • Produce fewer disputes

Earlier this year, Martin talked about the risk, reward of using blockchain and bitcoin at the ACEC Annual Convention and Legislative Summit. Now in this one-hour live podcast, you will learn:

  • How BT can drive efficiencies, collaboration, and effective design/build
  • What is #AECoin, “Smart Contracts,” and PODS
  • How can architects and engineers be rewarded over the lifecycle of an artifact or deliverable

Blockchain is disruptive and adoption is coming and coming quickly. Per the National Association of Corporate Directors’ Directorship magazine, “Companies today that do nothing about blockchain are at risk because you have consumers running hard on adopting new technologies. … If you are not in these conversations from a strategic point of view, there is a risk on the horizon of not understanding the changes that are coming.

About the Presenter:
Nick Martin is an educator, technologist, and social entrepreneur with over ten years of international development and peacebuilding experience. He is the founder and CEO of TechChange, a Washington DC-based social enterprise that provides tech training for social change. The TechChange model for technology training has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Economist, Fast Company, PBS NewsHour and more. Nick is a PopTech Social Innovation Fellow (2013), an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow (2014), and an International Youth Foundation Global Fellow (2009). He was also the runner-up for the Society for International Development’s prestigious Rice Award which honors an outstanding young innovator in the field international development under the age of 32 (2014). Nick is an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown and George Washington Universities where he teaches graduate courses on Technology for Social Change, Technology for Crisis Response, and Mobile Phones for International Development. Nick received his BA with honors from Swarthmore College and holds an MA in Peace Education from the United Nations mandated University for Peace (UPEACE).

AECPMA Podcasts Presents:
Metrics and Strategic Excellence—What A/E PMs Can Achieve When Schooled in Shingo and Lean Six Sigma

Business metrics and strategic planning are areas that most A/E Project Managers dread, possibly avoid, and may even ignore. Yet, the creation and use of effective metrics to influence business strategy is one of the most important ways PMs can help firms bring about crucial strategic success.

Joshua Plenert, author of Strategic Excellence in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries - How AEC Firms Can Develop and Execute Strategy Using Lean Six Sigma, talks with PMs and offers insight on how they can apply the leadership of Shingo and the scientific thinking of Lean Six Sigma to create, execute, and communicate critical business metrics.

With Shingo and Lean Six Sigma as critical backdrops, Plenert addresses some of the mistakes and apprehensions, ineffective and detrimental metrics, and more:

  • The purpose of Business Metrics and why they are important
  • The top five KPIs that Project Managers should know
  • The how and why of selecting and executing good metrics

By attending this live podcast, you will learn...

  • How to drive performance and influence behavior, in a meaningful way—using metrics to execute the strategy of the firm
  • How to use metrics to motivate, inspire, and recognize team members
  • Helping PMs Think Bigger and make the connection from metrics to performance

About the Presenter:
Joshua Plenert, P.E., is a licensed professional engineer and is currently serving as a regional manager for the engineering and architectural firm where he plays a major role in the development of two branch offices. Josh holds a BS in civil engineering, an MS in structural engineering, and an MBA. He has worked in various aspects of the AE industry for more than 14 years. His project management experience includes working more than eight years in all phases of construction, construction management, facilities management and more than six years of structural engineering, engineering management, and business development. He has also served as an adjunct professor of engineering and a lecturer in business management.