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The Top 4 PM Trends and How They Affect Your Firm
Chris Martersteck, Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 1:30 pm (EST)

Take a look at top Project Management trends and create opportunities for greater profits. Chris Martersteck presents ways to use collaboration and decision-making data to get better design information and results. He suggests ways to accelerate projects using alternate project delivery and lump sums. Chris also covers how to overcome the difficulty of finding and hiring great PMs.

Chris suggests changes that allow firms to get clients on board, have more focused responsibility and accountability, and achieve a more knowledgeable project delivery team.    By attending this webinar, you will learn how to...

  • Identify and recognize the new skill sets demanded of project managers
  • Understand new pressures on project delivery place different demands on project managers
  • Anticipate added risk and how to limit that risk


About the Presenter:
Chris Martersteck, AIA, LEED AP, DBIA, is a Project Management Instructor at PSMJ. Chris has been a progressive and proactive leader in the A/E Design and Construction industry for most of his nearly 40 years in the profession. Chris’s A/E/C experience includes leading fully-integrated teams and providing project management training, process, and tool development as Director of Integrated Services, and Project Management for many top international A/E/C firms. His extensive experience as an A/E/C project and program manager and as an owner’s representative and seminar leader, informs his knowledge and abilities to serve the needs of all the project participants to better connect to the goals of clients—and all team members—and maximize success for all.


Nail Down The Scope—Without Destroying Relationships
Bill Hinsley - Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 1:30 pm (EST)

Most A/E firms understand that a completed scope doesn’t always ensure a satisfied client. When the scope doesn’t consider the client’s critical success factors, the firm puts themselves at great budget and liability risk.

By creating scopes that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based (SMART), firms can avoid the risks of an ambiguous scope and not understanding the client’s CSFs. By attending this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Identify the link among project goals, objectives, and scope
  • Understand why ambiguous scopes can create both budget and liability risks
  • Develop a scope that minimizes ambiguities that can create liability risks
  • Write a scope that ties back to the client’s critical goals


About the Presenter:
Bill Hinsley is a Strategic Planning Consultant at PSMJ. Bill has been involved with the A/E/C industry for more than 14 years and has served as a senior leader in two international A/E companies providing consultancy, design, engineering, and management services in the fields of Infrastructure, Water, Environment, and Buildings. Bill has diverse consulting experience, including project direction and management, quality review, business development, proposal preparation, and resource management. His extensive project management experience includes planning, engineering, procurement, and management of large civil works projects ranging in capital value from $1 million to $11 Billion.