What is the cost to join AECPMA?

AECPMA members pay annual dues of $95. Members then receive full access to all benefits, including the monthly e-newsletter and other member-only content, such as the Discussion Board, Studies and Reports, and more.

How often do AECPMA members need to renew their membership?

Membership is on an annual basis on the anniversary date of when you started your membership.

What does the AECPM professional designation mean?

AECPM certification is the exclusive professional designation for certified Project Managers who have satisfied the application and exam requirements of the AECPMA.  These individuals have passed rigorous requirements for education, experience, and skills. You can learn more about becoming AECPM certified HERE.

What does the AECPM-PW professional designation mean?

This is a specialty designation for AECPM Project Managers who specialize in significant (>$10 million in construction value) public works project management. These individuals have satisfied the requirements for AECPM designation and additional requirements specific to public works project management.

How do I earn CE hours to maintain my AECPM certification?

You can earn CE hours to maintain AECPM certification in a numbers of ways. The easiest way is to use the pre-approved training programs listed HERE. Additionally, non-approved courses and/or training may also be submitted for credits provided the content is substantially similar to the nature of the content in pre-approved training AND the training courses are approved for continuing education credit by a professional licensing board, professional association, or other similar independent organization.

If I change jobs, does my membership and certification come with me?

If you change firms, you just need to contact us and let us know your new contact information. Just send a note to

Are group memberships or certifications available?

If you are interested in joining the AECPMA as a group, or wish to prepare and sit for the the AECPM certification exam as a team, contact us to learn more about pricing and requirements at

My AECPM application was just approved. How long do I have to take the exam?

After receiving notification via email that your application has been approved, you have six months to take and pass the exam.

How many chances do I have to take the exam and what happens if I don’t pass?

Applicants have two chances to pass the online open-book exam.  A passing grade is 75% or better. If you don’t pass in either of those chances, you can pay an additional $195 to retake the exam.