Certification from the A/E/C Project Management Association is the ONLY industry-specific designation for project management professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. When you become an AECPMA-Certified Project Manager, you add powerful credibility to advance your career and put you ahead of the competition.

To be sure, certification is a rigorous process—and that is by design. Only the best and brightest earn the AECPM designation.


About the Requirements

Once you become a member of the AECPMA, there are some basic requirements you need to meet to become certified. 

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A. Candidate may substitute an Associate degree (or global equivalent) plus a minimum of 5 additional years of direct project management experience in architecture, engineering or a related field.

B. A list of pre-approved AECPMA training can be found here.  Non-approved courses and/or training may also be submitted for credits provided the content is substantially similar to the nature of the content in pre-approved training AND the training courses are approved for continuing education credit by a professional licensing board, professional association,or other similar independent organization.

About the Exam

The AECPM and AECPM-PW exams are in “open book” format. However, applicants must complete each portion of the exam within the allotted time period; “stopping the clock” is not permitted. An overall score of at least 75 percent of the available points is required to pass each exam. Applicants must complete the exam within six months of being notified of their application approval and applicants receive two opportunities to pass the exam. If an applicant does not pass the exam in the allotted two sessions, a fee of $195 will apply to re-take the exam.

The AECPM exam is based on the AECPMA Manual and the AECPM-PW exam is based on the AECPMA-PW Manual. These are both manuals that applicants receive with their application fee.

The exams break out as follows:




How to Get Started

Here’s how you get started on this exciting journey:


  1. Join the AECPMA. Only members of the AECPMA can apply for certification.

  2. Complete and return the AECPMA Application for Certification with your $395 application fee payment.

  3. The ACEPMA will then send you the AECPMA Manual: A Guide for A/E/C Project Management and online certification exam instructions.


After you successfully complete the Certification Exam, you will receive your AECPM Certificate and welcome that includes help for getting the most value out of your certification, earning continuing education credits, and more.

Specialty certification is also available for Public Works Project Management.



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