All Clients Aren’t Created Equal—Manage Project Risk


Even with the best planning, bad situations often arise within projects. And according to PSMJ Project Management Consultant Christopher Martersteck, client selection is a good first step to avoid putting a project at risk.

Firms need to be careful when selecting the right clients. The better a firm is at getting and keeping “good” clients, Martersteck says, the greater the probability of a claims-free, smooth-running project.

Beyond checking to see if a client has glaring litigation in their past, Martersteck offers the following advice:

  • Make sure they are on good financial footing
  • Ensure they are good at communicating their needs
  • Are responsible with payments
  • When necessary, are knowledgeable and experienced
  • Accountable with documentation

If firms are selective when choosing clients, they are less likely to run into major issues, more likely to get paid, and better able to find future work with these proficient clients.